Census Tract Map Geocoding

Geocoding is the action of assigning geographic attributes to a data record. Most commonly, geocoding includes latitude, longitude, and for financial analysis, census tract code.

The FFIEC site http://www.ffiec.gov/Geocode/default.aspx lets you geocode addresses one at at time.  For larger batches, call Maponics at 1-800-762-5158.

Street-level geocoding your address lists allows you to be exceptionally precise in your geographic selection processes – for example, when trying to tag all your addresses with the tract they fall in.

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Geocoding allows you to make precise location-based decisions about your business.

We match to the address level for qualified addresses. Precise address matching of locations (rather than to the ZIP+4 level) allows superior analysis. Depending on the quality of your list, 5%-20% may not match at a street/rooftop level. We can also tag your file with census codes (tract, blockgroup, etc.).

With new streets being added across the US continuous, it is critical that you find a partner - like Maponics - who uses the most current nationwide street data.

When comparing our value to the competition, make sure you are clear about the differences between address-level “rooftop geocoding” and ZIP+4 geocoding.  With rooftop geocoding, you get a distinct coordinate for every valid address (although the location of the actual physical structure is not returned).  For ZIP+4 geocoding, all records with the same ZIP+4 receive the same coordinates.  So everyone with the same ZIP+4 shows up at the same point on the map, even if they actually live some distance away from each other. Maponics provides address-level geocoding or “address matching” for the highest accuracy.

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